With increasing unbalanced threats like illegal immigration, drug smuggling, piracy etc., COMINT and SIGINT is getting more and more important for armed forces as well as for intelligence services and all forces, which are responsible for Homeland Security, Border Control and Reconnaissance of radio-traffic.

With our radio-monitoring systems you will reliable components to gain an overview over the radio-scenario in the HF frequency range as well as in the VHF / UHF frequency range.

How we protect borders? There is one fact: illegal border trafficker have to communicate! Since in rural border territories public networks are normally not available, independent ways of communications are used, e.g. mobile V/UHF radios. And this is exactly the poit where our systems are beginning to work: with our systems for border control applications we are detecting communication / emitters in a very reliable way. As supplement direction finders or other individual system components can be added to the system.

Due to the flexible and scalable system architecture our COMINT and SIGINT systems can be deployed on different platforms:

  • manpack applications
  • mobile platforms
  • stationary sensors
  • manned aerial vehicles
  • unmanned aerial vehicles
  • naval platforms
  • etc.
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