The BOGER spectrum monitoring system is capable of decoding and analyzing modern digital PMR protocols. With its wideband signal acquisition capability both directions are simultaneously monitored and decoded. The system outputs and logs both signal quality and signal power for all parallel channels.

Simultaneously all voice and data content is decoded and recorded in a separate database with all the related meta data like source and destination addresses, call types and timestamps. Moreover a PDU output option can be used to troubleshoot and detect the configuration errors.


  • TETRA, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, P25, TETRAPOL decoders (depending on license)
  • automatic emission detection in the realtime bandwidth
  • signal quality and power monitoring and logging (per time slot)
  • broadcast and base station parameters
  • live voice output and recording
  • data output
  • report generation
  • post-processing of recordings (listening, filtering)
  • frequency and sampling rate error correction


PMR _ Analysing _ System